Alum ফিটকিরি Health Benefits of Alum উপকারে আসতে পারে ফিটকিরি

Alum is definitely the name usually provided to two common salts: potassium aluminum phosphate as well as ammonium aluminum sulphate. In its naturally occurring state, the substance has been utilized for more than 2,000 years in the wide range of applications. Prior to the start of the 20th century, it absolutely was regularly manufactured as well as utilized for pickling, canning, tanning leather, and baking. From then on, its use in food processing progressively decreased due to security concerns over its side effects. Professionals within the fields of medicine as well as health care, however, still often utilize it to deal with injuries as well as disease.
In medication, alum is frequently employed just as one astringent to shrink tissues and minimize the release of body fluids, as a styptic to contract organic tissues and stop or decrease hemorrhage and bleeding, and as an emetic agent to stimulate vomiting if somebody has ingested poison. Additionally it is frequently utilized to boost particular vaccines and also to avoid or treat infections. Veterinarians usually recommend pet owners to use the powdered version to animal cuts brought on by improper nail trimming so as to stop bleeding.
Once this compound is utilized to boost a vaccine, it really is regarded as an adjuvant, or supplementary contributing agent. Adjuvants that contains aluminum have shown to make some vaccines last longer and appear to frequently help create more antibodies against disease. Relatively common vaccines licensed in the United States and typically administered to children include diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP), where pertussis is often referred to as whooping cough; diphtheria-tetanus-a cellular pertussis (DTaP), a cellular meaning no whole cells of pertussis; Hepatitis A and B; human papillomavirus (HPV); and rabies.
Many people think that powdered alum is an efficient home cure for canker sores. Advocates {of the|with this} form of treatment typically declare that dabbing the sore with the powder several times each day will accelerate healing. Anyone adopting this process of treatment need to, however, be familiar with the possible negative effects: sores may possibly occasionally burn and also the powder may cause puckering of the mouth occasionally. Experts also suggested that those who use the powder in or close to the mouth rinse their mouths along with water following treatment because the compound might cause vomiting.
Alum is still a component of some everyday products present in many medication cabinets. For instance, people frequently utilize styptic pencils – short sticks of molded alum along with points just like pencils – to avoid bleeding from razor cuts from shaving. The substance is additionally often listed in the ingredients of toothpaste as well as tooth powder.
Alum is often utilized to filter impurities through water and  make it clean. However this isn’t the only use of the salt as it could be utilized for numerous beauty and health functions. Right from dealing with acne to helping you deal with muscle cramps, you may use alum to solve many health conditions. And the best part is, it really is readily available and not extremely expensive.Listed here are some common Health improvements of Alum
1. Alum for Canker Sores
Generally for canker sores, a tiny piece of alum is powdered and then a pinch of  that alum powder is pressed within the canker sore. It stings for some time, yet by the next day, normally the person is relieved of canker sores. However, many do not like to utilize the alum powder as such and young kids will find it hard to deal with the burn brought on because of alum powder. This particular homemade alum mouth rinse is great method to use alum to remove mouth sores. To help make the rinse, powder alum in the mortar as well as pestle. Boil water in the pan together with little salt, as soon as the salt has dissolved take away from the heat and mix in the alum powder. As soon as the alum has dissolved, strain and then use it like a mouth rinse a minimum of 2 to 3 times each day. Salt is additionally extremely effective for treating canker sores and also this mouth rinse could be safely utilized by both old and young. If you are using the raw alum powder, make certain never to swallow it while applying on the canker sore and use just a little bit.
2. Alum for Eye Abscess
Alum is perfect for dealing with eye abscess. One of my relatives who trained me the remedy have been utilizing it for eye abscess for quite a while. For the treatment of abscess, rub alum on the sandalwood stone together with little water. You need to rub it nicely to obtain a paste, since it doesn’t rub in a paste easily. This particular paste is extremely effective also it stings at first, whenever used. However the boil breaks on the same day it really is used, giving one a good rest from eye abscess. This stone could be kept for years and also used.
3. Use as a mouth wash
One of the key causes of foul breath is definitely the build up of bacteria, which often create toxins and acids. Washing along with alum mouthwash prevents the bacterial growth as well as washes off the bacteria.
4. Relieves muscle cramps
Alum, whenever used in combination with turmeric, behaves as a ideal natural remedy to ease muscle cramps. The blood thinning qualities of alum as well as antiseptic qualities of turmeric is what works well for this manner.
5. Alum for Cracked Heels
Alum powder is extremely beneficial in dealing with cracked heels. Just for this remedy alum is heated in a tiny empty kadai. Whenever we heat alum, it liquifies as well as foams. Once all of the water evaporates, we’re left with a crumbly mixture. Once it cools down, it really is powdered and combined with coconut oil and applied on the legs. The mix needs to be ground smoothly, else it will likely be hard to apply it around the heels. This particular remedy provides incredibly good relief, if utilized regularly for a while.
6. Bleeding cuts
A few research has shown that this one even has the ability to deal with the bleeding cuts. You are able to spread the alum residue on such cuts to prevent an additional loss of blood. But here, remember that in case your cut is just too deep and also the bleeding is simply not stopping, then you’ll need some professional medical help. And so, during that time, don’t just depend on an alum residue.
7. Alum for Shaving 
Alum has been utilized just as one after shave cure for centuries. Once you begin using alum, you will definitely get rid of all of the costly after shaves. The very first time, you will possibly not like it, however if you simply continue using it, you’ll find optimistic enhancement in you skin tone. To utilize, after shaving, rub a bit of alum block within the wet face for couple of seconds. You may either wash it off or let it rest onto the skin.
8. Alum for athlete’s foot
Alum powder is probably the home remedy to deal with athlete’s foot. Include 2-3 tbsp of alum powder in warm water and soak the feet in water until the water remains hot or warm. Soak for at least 20 minutes. Dry the feet and don’t wear any synthetic fabrics up until the athlete’s foot is cured. Continue doing this daily to reduce athlete’s foot rapidly.
9. Alum for Water Purification
Alum is incredible for water therapy. To cleanse the muddy water, powder alum and add about 1 gm of alum powder for each liter of muddy water. You’ll find the muddy particles settling down, giving you clear water. Next time you go on the camping trip, please take a small block of alum together with you.
10. Alum as a Deodorant
Alum is fantastic like a deodorant because of it’s germ killing as well as anti bacterial qualities. To help make the deodorant, powder alum together with little myrhh and then use it as dusting powder, or you might just wet an alum block and then use it. Yet it’s recommended to use it every second day rather than every single day.
11. Alum for Hair Removal 
Alum is traditionally used for hair removal. Women in historical ages utilized alum for removing unwanted facial hairs just like upper lip hair. Mix 1/2 tsp of alum powder along with 1 tsp of rose water and keep it ready. Adjust the amount of alum powder as well as water as needed. The ratio of alum powder to rose water is 1:2 roughly. Once hair is removed or even waxing is completed, use the alum mixture on the face or even the place where you would like the facial hairs to be removed. Let it rest for 20 minutes. If you feel that the mix gets dried up, you are able to sprinkle rose water on it to help keep it on more time. Clean thoroughly and pat the face dry. This can be done on your hands and legs too. Use moisturizer after pat drying to keep the area moisturized. Regular coconut oil can be used as moisturizing. Try not to apply around the eye as well as surrounding areas.
12. Alum for Wrinkles
Because of internal or even external factors the skin will lose flexibility leading to fine lines and wrinkles. They ruin your appearance as well as show pre-aging signs. Renowned agents surviving in alum block may help you in diminishing wrinkles.
13. Alum for Treating Pimples
Acne is the most typical skin problem and it’s close to impossible to avoid them. There are numerous home available cures to deal with pimples and lower inflammation. Using its germ killing as well as cooling qualities alum powder can be used a face mask to eliminate pimples.
14. Alum for Lice Treatments
Alum may be used efficiently to eliminate hair lice. To help make the lice treatment, powdered alum is combined in water together with little tea tree oil. This mix when applied to the scalp for a while, helps you to eliminate lice.
15. Prevents pre-mature ageing
Not many individuals realize that alum powder consists of anti-ageing qualities and therefore, helps prevent pre-mature ageing and keeps the skin soft, radiant and delightful.
16. Alum for Body Odor
Once your body releases sweat, the food compounds in sweat attract bacteria that leave uncomfortable smell right after feeding on these compounds. Use alum block on pre-washed arms on alternative days. Anti-bacterial as well as germ killing qualities living in alum will combat and restrain bacterial infection.
17. Tightens the Vagina
Outstanding qualities in alum block can tighten up the vagina walls. But it’s unsafe to use for very long time, as it might damage vaginal tissues as well as dry them.
18. Combats diarrhea
Because of its drying effect, Alum root may help deal with diarrhea. Native Indians tried it to deal with stomach problems. To deal with diarrhea, drink a strong cup of tea produced from the root and be sure you refer to the instructions.
19. Treats dysentery
Researchers claim that Alum root might help in the management of dysentery. Only have a strong cup of tea from Alum root up until you feel better. However, don’t consume a lot more than 20 cups each day.
Ayurvedic health benefits of Alum
To make alum mouthwash, boil a glass of water and include a pinch of salt into it. Mix it effectively so the salt dissolves totally. Now include some alum powder and blend. Strain the solution once it cools down and rinse the mouth area with this particular mouthwash twice daily. Remember not to swallow the solution, particularly if you are utilizing raw powder.
In order to utilize alum for lice, simply take powdered alum and blend it in water. Include a little tea tree oil to the mixture. Now use the mixture in your scalp as well as massage for ten minutes, just before washing it off along with cold water. Don’t forget to shampoo as well as condition the hair immediately after this. Try this for few days two times a week to reduce lice.
Make a face pack by combining a teaspoon of multani mitti, two teaspoon of egg white along with a teaspoon of alum powder. Use this on pimples and acne scarring and then leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash it off along with cold water. Try this 3 times per week to eliminate acne scarring and pimples.
Take a bit of alum and wet it in water. Now, rub all of it over your face. This can tighten the skin in just a week’s time. Now wash the face utilizing cold water and use a top quality moisturizer.
Rub a bit of alum on a rough surface using a pinch of turmeric and water to make a thick paste. Use it on the muscle cramps and then leave it to dry naturally. Try this twice a day for 2 – 3 days to eliminate the pain and swelling.
Alum in rock form is utilized just as one aftershave. When it is rubbed on the freshly shaved face, its astringent property helps you to avoid and lower bleeding in minor cuts as well as abrasions..
Alum paste helps you to burst the mass same day whenever applied. Rub alum block on sandal wood with the addition of little water. Collect the obtained paste in the bowl and utilize externally within the abscess.
Mix small quantity of alum in water as well as rinse in mouth. Over dose may damage you.
Rub alum block over face alternate days to eliminate face pigmentation. You can also utilize it as face mask combined with multani mitti and water.
Alum is successfully utilized for cure of tonsillitis in Ayurveda. A combination made by mixing 2 pinch of alum powder, ¼th teaspoon of turmeric in 1 cup of warm water. This mix ought to be utilized for gargle to deal with tonsillitis.
Boil water along with Alum and allow it to cool. Wash face with this particular cold water that lightens the complexion and tones the skin.
Potash alum can be used to make pickle in kitchens.
2 teaspoon of lemon juice ought to be combined with a tiny quantity alum powder. Use this mix on itchy skin.
Make a combination by adding powdered alum to 1/4 cup of along with hazel and use it on the skin to obtain rest from acne or pimples.
Boil alum in some water and after that wash your fingers with this particular water and you may get rest from swelling or itching brought on by excessive work with water in the winter months.
To prevent the hassle brought on by diarrhea and dysentery, you are able to finely grind the alum, then roast it and now if you take this roasted alum with rose water, it’ll stop bloody diarrhea.
Those who is suffering from the trouble of excessive sweating, they are able to dissolve alum within their bathing water to obtain rest from this problem.
If you’re struggling with the pain brought on by an injury, then you can certainly have 1.5 gm alum powder along with milk and it’ll assist you in diminishing pain.
If you’re struggling with dental pain, you’ll be able to grind alum along with black pepper and also rub this mix in the roots of teeth and it’ll relieve you from dental pain.
½ gm alum powder combined with honey benefits in asthma and cough.
Prepare the powder of alum and Reetha (Sapindus Mukorossi) pip. Apply this mix around the teeth to get rest from pain.
Prepare the fine powder of alum as well as coal powder of Jamun / Jambul (Syzygium cumini) wood. Massage the teeth and gums with this particular mixture to avoid Pyorrhoea.
In Jaundice treatment alum is extremely helpful. Create the fine powder of 5 gram Alum and divide into equal 10 parts. Utilize one part or dose daily thrice a day along with cow milk.
In internal wounds or injury apply certain alum along with Haldi (Turmeric) milk. Boil the milk along with mixing a few turmeric and after cooling include some Alum  and use to heal internal wounds or injury.
If you had to deal with Pee failure or even urination blockage problem then dissolve a few alum in water and drink it. This particular cure also useful to eliminate stone problem in 4-5 days.
Mix Glycerin and alum in 1:2 ratio and apply at cracked heels every evening before you go to bed. You can even rub only a wet block of alum on the heel for similar effects.
Prepare a foot soak utilizing alum rather than bath sat and soak the feet in it for some time. This can obstruct the unnecessary perspiration of the feet and therefore can give fresh feet the whole day.
Alum likewise helps to eliminate the itchiness brought on by insect bites or rashes.
Use a wet block of alum and rub it in your underarms rather than utilizing a roll on deodorant. This can avoid the extreme perspiration additionally impart fairness on the underarms.
For all day freshness just mix powder alum in the mug of water and then use it in your last rinse whilst bathing.
Soak a little block of alum in the glass of water to create a diluted solution and then use it after meals like a mouth wash. This can impart freshness in your mouth just like a mouth wash does.
Simply soak alum in rose water and apply to the areas of extreme hair growth. Repeating this regularly will slow down hair regrowth over time.
A pinch of alum powder could be combined with water or rose water and applied it around the blackheads carefully. Don’t rub it. Follow this method daily to eliminate the blackheads effortlessly. Make use of this with any natural face masks too.
Add a drop of water into a pinch of alum powder and use it on the cold sore. Let it rest for 30 seconds and wash it off completely. Try this process two or three times every day to find out the visible results within 3 days.
A pinch of alum powder and salt are included in shampoo while taking head bath to lessen the dandruff and also to deal with itchy scalp. Try not to add more alum.
Many commercial brands began utilizing alum powder within their product to cure dark circles. You are able to mix a pinch of alum powder with water and use it around the dark circles. Try not to use on the eye.
Alum may also be used to kill and stop snails. Just include a tablespoon of alum powder to one gallon of water and allow the solution be in soil for over night. This will assist kill any snails or its egg within the soil and you may keep plants free from snails.
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৫. মুখে, চেহারায় বয়সের ছাপ পড়ে যাচ্ছে? চিন্তা নেই। এক টুকরা ফিটকিরি পানিতে ভিজিয়ে তা মুখে ভাল করে ঘষুন। তার পরে ঠাণ্ডা পানি দিয়ে মুখ ধুয়ে ময়েশ্চারাইজার লাগিয়ে নিন।
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